Order Return Processing

Processing of order refunds

Return processing is a delicate balancing act of taking care of your customer while also managing your inventory's reverse logistics.
Customers can easily understand your return policy and initiate returns online. We quickly receive and process returns, allowing you to quickly refund customers and replenish inventory.
Allow us to manage your inventory and process order returns.

Developing a returns policy together

A good return policy should make the process as simple and straightforward as possible for the customer.

We'll work together to create a return policy and procedure that benefits both your company and your customers. No one wants to receive a return, but our goal is to create a smooth returns process that allows you to keep customers and salvage inventory whenever possible.

We use our INDUSTRY-LEADER FULFILLMENT TECHNOLOGY to reduce product returns by thoroughly inspecting all products before shipment, properly and carefully packing your items, and communicating delivery timelines to your customers.

How do order returns get processed?

In each box, there are return instructions.

On every packing list inserted with your orders, we print your custom return instructions.

To reflect policy changes, instructions can easily be updated in our web-based system.

Inspection of the Returns

Our knowledgeable Returns Team inspects and sorts each returned item according to its condition before sending you an email notification.

What Happens to Your Inventory Is Up to You

We hold intact merchandise before returning it to inventory, and we will store damaged merchandise separately before discarding or shipping it back to you, depending on your preference.

There are no minimums, setup fees, or long-term commitments

We are a trusted leader in order fulfillment due to our dependable service and accommodating terms, which include the following:

There are no setup fees

There are no requirements for minimums

There are no hidden costs

There are no long-term storage fees

Service with a pay-as-you-go model

30-day risk-free trial period