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Preparation Services Center for
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Do you need to store your goods and ship them to Amazon's warehouses for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

At Fulfillment Depot, we do just that. Since 2010, our family-owned business has been providing ecommerce sellers with a wide range of warehousing and order fulfillment services. These include things like:

  • Direct-to-customer delivery of your ecommerce orders;
  • B2B fulfillment of your wholesale or retail orders;
  • Shipping to an Amazon Fulfillment Center.

It's called the FBA Prep Process

This service is available to both Amazon Sellers and Vendors. In this post, we show you how the FBA prep process works.

Send us your stock

Because we do not limit our clients' inventory storage, some clients send in large quantities, while others send in smaller quantities more frequently.

Getting ready for Amazon

We build the bundle, check the weight and dimensions, send the information to Amazon, print and apply the labels, and let you know when the order is out the door. If we need to, we can repackage your goods before they go to Amazon's warehouses.

It's important to keep Amazon stocked when it's low

In order to get Amazon warehouses full, our clients place an order with us and we take care of everything from there on. FBA is a service that we have used before, so we know how important it is to meet Amazon's strict deadlines. We will quickly prepare and ship your FBA orders.

Labeling the services

There are a lot of FBA prep clients who have different labelling needs.

No matter what your labelling needs are, we make it simple for you to do. Once we get your FBA order, we'll get into Amazon's software on your behalf and make sure your package labels meet Amazon's requirements. We'll then print and apply the labels as per Amazon's instructions.

There is no problem at all if you have everything ready to go to Amazon. We can ship your products to Amazon fulfillment centres for you. This service is part of our FBA Prep Services, too. Some of the things we offer, like product labelling, aren't going to be in your quote. We'll make sure that your boxes meet Amazon's requirements, from the label to the weight, so you can take advantage of our low inventory rates.

“But I don't need to prepare. We need you to ship our products to Amazon for us, so do that."

  • Only need Amazon's carton and shipping labels;
  • Those who need carton and shipping labels, as well as labels for each individual item.

Price for FBA Prep and Fulfillment

Cost: How much does it cost for warehousing and FBA preparation and fulfillment?

We make pricing simple, with per-unit costs for FBA prep and fair, straightforward pricing for storage.

One of the ways we help you manage your costs is by using Fulfillment Depot's FBA Preparation Service, which eliminates taxable services such as Labelling and Polybagging in states where those services are taxed.

We're smart, efficient, and (most importantly) committed to assisting your company's success

And we're only a mouse click away from assisting you.