No, our clients can store as little or as much inventory in our warehouse as they want.

No, we don't charge a surcharge or charge higher fees for long-term storage. Our clients are charged the same rate for inventory storage regardless of how long their goods remain in our warehouse.

We charge by the cubic foot for storage. To ensure that our clients don't overpay for space they don't use, our software calculates the exact amount of inventory on hand each week. This means that if our customer only has half a pallet of goods in our warehouse, they will only be charged for half a pallet.

Yes, each of your individual units must have scannable barcodes. If your items do not have scannable barcodes when they arrive at our warehouse, we can label them for you.

Security cameras, access badge entry, fire suppression, pest control, and 24-hour alarm monitoring are all available in our warehouse.

We do not insure our clients' inventory while it is in our warehouse because it is still in their possession. If our clients are interested in taking out an insurance policy, we can refer them to an insurance company.

We do not work with refrigerated or frozen products because we do not have a refrigerated section.

Fulfillment Depot does have a small area that is off-limits to the majority of its employees. However, we typically do not work with items of high value, such as those that retail for more than $25,000.

While we work with the vast majority of consumer products, we do not work with unpackaged food, frozen food, certain hazardous materials, guns or ammunition, pornography, or items of extreme value.