No, we don't have a minimum or maximum number of orders that we need to meet. Whether you're a start-up or a multi-channel seller, we can help you.

During the order fulfilment process, we don't limit how much storage space a business can use in our warehouse. As a bonus, we don't charge you for long-term storage if your inventory doesn't move fast enough. Each week, we figure out how much warehouse space is being used so that you don't pay too much for inventory storage.

Fulfillment Depot can work with most types of products, including many that are dangerous to ship and need ORM-D labels. We DO NOT work with posters, unpackaged food, frozen food, certain hazardous materials, guns or ammunition, pornography, or items of extreme value. We also don't usually work with large items, like ones that are more than 36 inches on any side or that weigh more than 50 pounds.

We have a lot of experience with parcels. Postcards and letters aren't sent to us, but we love getting them.