Our corporate headquarters and warehouse facility is located at ADDRESSXX

Please send us a master packing slip that tells us what's in your package. We also need a packing slip that lists the contents of each carton when a shipment comes into our warehouse. The packing slip should be very clear about which SKUs and how many there are. In addition, each unit must have a barcode that can be read. If your goods don't have the right barcodes when they arrive at our warehouse, we can label them for you.

In most cases, it takes 2-3 days to get a package. If we have a lot of new stock to process, it might take us a few extra days. When we get your stock, we will count your goods to make sure the packing slip is correct. In addition, we will look at some of your goods and weigh and measure your SKUs for quality control.

Yes. We start the process of receiving your goods by looking at a small part of it (generally 10-20 percent ). We will also look at things during the pick/pack process. However, if you want us to check each of your items when we get them, we can do that.

If any of your goods are damaged when they arrive at our warehouse, we will take pictures of them and their packaging and let you know right away.

We do ask for an advance ship notice (ASN), and it's a simple form to fill out. As part of your onboarding process, your client care specialist will show you how to fill out this form and how to use our easy-to-use client tools.