We have 20 different box sizes in stock now to help our clients' shipments be as light as possible. We also have a variety of sizes of plastic envelopes that can help cut down on the weight of the items you buy.

We have cheap boxes and free plastic mailers for you. There are a lot of boxes that are 40 cents or less in size, and all of our box fees are less than $2.

Each of our boxes is made of cardboard that has been used before. We also use recycled paper as the main filler in most of our boxes.

No. Our corrugated boxes are unbranded and have no Fulfillment Depot branding on them. In the shipping labels, we write down the name of our customer.

Customers can sometimes use their own shipping boxes with us. You can contact us to get more information about your packaging needs, or you can talk to your sales rep about them.